Dj Adam Pataki

Dj Adam Pataki

I got all of my technical and musical talents from my father. He used to get every of the new releases too like me.
In the grade school I was the amenable of the class partys. Later this was obvoius.
I feel myself lucky becaouse I could play at Fortuna Disco and at Excalibur in contempt of my age.
I met with Bárány Attila at the Skylight Camps and programs and we are still in a friendship. As so many people he helped me too at the road of my music career.
In 1997 I went to Germany with my school Gundel Károly. But after 3 months I fed up a little bit with the kitchen and I decided that I want to work with music more. So i bought my first mixer and turntables.
My primary job was our family sweet shop so I played really rare at discos.
In 1999 our sweet shop became renovated and we also served cocktails so I had enough time to spin cocktails and vinyls.
I used to play with my friend Dömsödi Tibor aka Tiba at birthdays and own shows and at on partys for companys.
We made successfull OSZK exam as well.
In 2002 a new radio company started the Radio Junior, and I planned to have my own show in the radio. The boss of the radio Cooky accepted my plan and gave me the saturday evenings to play real funky in the area of Érd.
One year later when Radio Extreme born my show moved to the top of Budapest at Citadella. Til near the end of Radio Extreme I used to have the saturday nights with my show called Funkytime.
I still collect music and of course there are the partys too.

New "Sister Sledge Mix" surpise from  Adam Pataki.

New "Sister Sledge Mix"  surpise from  Adam Pataki.

A very tasty aperitif to the parties of the season-- "The Sister Sledge Mix" right now, for your listening pleasure, in the Funk Section.

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