Dj 5vös

I got tight contact with music in the grade school, I had a Christmas present from my parents but I get a cassette recorder instead of a motorcycle.

Later my music buff father built an amplifier and a loudspeaker for me.
When I was in the 8th of grade school I made the first matinee at the gym of the school, afterall I played at proms.
My debut was in 1983 at Budagyöngye Disco. Since then I played at a lot of clubs around the country in the past 25 years like Fortuna Disco , High-Life, Hully Gully, Cocktail, Club Panorama, Dexion, Expo 25, Citadella, Moulin Rouge, Cuba Libre, Blondy, Club Heaven, Momo, Buddha Beach.
I still love the music, but the musical incopetence makes me flustered.
I worked for Radio DeeJay 3 years and from the year of 2008 I got into the team of Roxy Radio.

Dj 5-vös új mix-e a House Rádiónkban

5vos_resize.jpg Mix 2012-1 néven Dj 5-vös új mix-e szól a Lazapipa Rádió House szekciójában!

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